Tate + Lyle

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Twice as sweet only use 1/2 as much*
BD 1.450
Dark soft brown sugar has a toasted, malty flavour with a hint of savouriness and with a beautifully moist texture that melts easily.
BD 1.420
Light soft brown is a moist sugar. With its fine-sized, quick dissolving crystals and a buttery caramel flavour
BD 1.470
More than the icing on the cake, Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar is the dusting on your pastries, the brilliance in your buttercream, and always at the heart of the final touch.
BD 1.785
Tate + Lyle Squeezy Chocolate Syrup 325g
BD 1.510
Tate + Lyle Golden Syrup Pouring 454g
BD 0.765
Tate + Lyle Golden Syrup Can 454g
BD 0.820
Tate + Lyle White Sugar Cubes 500g
BD 0.945
Tate + Lyle Demarara Cubes 500g
BD 1.315
Tate + Lyle Demarara Sugar 500g
BD 0.660
Tate + Lyle Dark Brown Sugar 500g
BD 0.790
Tate + Lyle Light Brown Sugar 500g
BD 0.790
To create a sweeter sip or a more delicious bite, enjoy Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar. Stir in drinks or sprinkle over pancakes or muffins to sweeten an afternoon tea and indulge in a homemade gourmet experience.
BD 1.050
Tate - lyle Golden Caster 325g
BD 0.525
Tate - Lyle Dark Muscovado 325g
BD 0.610
Tate - Lyle Dark Brown Sugar 325g
BD 0.580
Tate - Lyle Demerara Sugar 350g
BD 0.505
Tate + Lyle Caster Sugar 500g
BD 0.370
Essential for making glace or butter icing, it has an anti-caking agent added to prevent lumping, simply mix with water to produce a glossy icing perfect for any cake
BD 0.820
Tate + Lyle Light Brown Soft Sugar 1Kg
BD 1.420