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Green Giant Niblets Original
BD 0.614
Green Giant Niblets Original
BD 0.436
Zahrat Elbaher White Fish Filet
BD 1.139
Halal Beef(66%),Rusk,Vegetable Protein,Onion,Salt,Garlic Powder,Pepper Powder,Stabilizer E451(I),Antioxidants E300 And Flavour Enhancer E621
BD 2.525
Sadia Breaded Chicken Nuggets
BD 2.851
Nabil Kubba Mousel
BD 2.709
McCain Lightly Spiced wedges with herbs and seasoning. Here at McCain we're a family owned foods company and we know good, honest food tastes best. That's why we keep things simple. We're passionate about potatoes and our farmers who grow them. Our farmers are the extension of our McCain family and we have worked with some of them for over 3 generations. With the finest crops, we always cut from whole potatoes and prepare with love and care using real, simple ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives. Just delicious potatoes for everyone to enjoy!
BD 1.528
Lamb Weston Original Fries
BD 2.268
BD 2.184
Dr. Oetker Pizza Spnaci
BD 2.300
Dr. Oetker Pizza Pepporini
BD 2.410
From freezer to plate in under 15 minutes - just enough time to pour the wine, fix the salad and set the mood: Make it the perfect Mid-Week meal with Ristorante - whether it's date night or a quick meal for the family. Fall back in love with pizza with the help of our Thin & Crispy Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza; topped with delicious mozzarella & Edam cheese, juicy cherry tomatoes, basil and our signature pizzeria style sauce - because sometimes simple, easy and delicious is just what's needed. Treat yourself this week, or store in the freezer for an impromptu night-in with friends. Why not try some of our other delicious varieties... Discover our menu of flavours and enjoy the fresh pizzeria taste. From Freezer to Plate in 11 minutes, Fall back in love with pizza with the Nation's Favourite Thin & Crispy Pizza, No hydrogenated fats or artificial colours, Suitable for vegetarians
BD 2.300
Americana Chicken Strips
BD 2.982
Americana Chicken Pop Corn
BD 1.628
Al Zaeem Meat Kabab
BD 1.412
Al Zaeem Diet Chicken Burger
BD 1.817
Al Zaeem Diet Beef Burger
BD 1.895
Al Zaeem Chicken Kofta
BD 1.449
Al Zaeem Chicken Kabab
BD 1.423
Al Zaeem Chiciken Nuggets
BD 1.502
Al Karamah Springroll Small
BD 0.483
♦ Spring Rolls Pastry is a high quality product that is made of the finest flour. Use: ♦ Spring Rolls Pastry is a delicious snack or a complementary dish that can be served in different variety of fillings e.g. mixed vegetables, or cheese or fried shrimps
BD 0.620
BD 0.772
Plain Pizza crust (13cm in diameter) made with fine ingredients and half baked. Very popular item delicious and crunchy. Most customers use it to make their own toping as they desire, the dough is ready to bake as soon as it is defrosted and made ready with toppings
BD 1.208
Al Karamah 10 Puff Pastry
BD 0.730
Al Kabeer Zing Chicken Fillets are purely a whole piece of fresh chicken breast with breading from edge to edge. It is absolutely tender, delicious and the simplest way you can get an easy and elegant preparation of chicken. These are nutritious, high quality and healthy. These tasty chicken fillets are irresistible.
BD 4.699
Al Kabeer Vegetable Nuggets
BD 0.767
Al Kabeer Turkish Chk Kebab
BD 1.124
Al Kabeer Torpedo Shrimps
BD 1.869
Al Kabeer Mutton Seekh Kebabs has a unique taste and smell unlike any other type of food. It is made from fresh minced meat, properly seasoned with finely selected spices and herbs, it goes great with tahini or hummus. It makes a special dish for special occasions
BD 1.360