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A leafy vegetable, Molokhiais a major dish in Egyptian and Lebanese cuisine. ♦ Served as a soup over rice, with cooked meat and/or chicken, grilled pieces of Arabic bread, and topped with a mix of grape vinegar and chopped onions.
BD 0.478
Al Ain Okra ZeroFarm fresh frozen tender okra zero ready to cook
BD 1.670
Farm fresh frozen tender okra zero ready to cook
BD 0.746
The Arabic kofta 300g Ready Meal is manufactured by Al Kabeer
BD 1.034
Al Kabeer Beef Meat Balls
BD 0.956
The breaded chicken fillet 1kg Tins & Can is manufactured by Al Kabeer
BD 2.714
Chicken Kofta are the ultimate comfort food ! Indian Spiced Meatballs with aromatic spices that can make any mealtime special. They’re easy and so flavorful and pair very well with Naan or just plain rice! Use Al kabeer Chicken Kofta here, it will be easy for this preparation and It's a great dish for entertaining since it can be prepared ahead of time.
BD 1.034
Al Kabeer Chicken Popcorn is a small chicken piece made from fresh chicken breast. They are coated very well with our special breading and are turned into an awesome popcorn shape. They are very soft, delicious and easy to pick and eat.
BD 2.016
Al Kabeer Chicken Samosa
BD 0.956
Al-Kabeer chicken & cheese sticks
BD 3.491
Al Kabeer Chicken Breast Boneless
BD 3.386
Al Kabeer Chicken Jumbo Hotdog
BD 1.103
Al Kabeer Dory Fillet
BD 1.974
Al Kabeer French Fries
BD 0.761
Al Kabeer Green Peas
BD 0.415
Al Kabeer Jalapeno and Cheese Sticks are made from quality jalapenos, creamy cheese and other yummy ingredients. It is absolutely tender, delicious and the simplest way you can get an easy and elegant preparation. These tasty jalapeno and cheese sticks are irresistible.
BD 1.071
A traditional American favorite, these classic hot dogs are a staple in any backyard barbecue. Al Kabeer Jumbo Hot Dogs are perfect for enjoying anytime; lunch, dinner, or on the sidelines of a sports game.
BD 1.313
Al Kabeer Mutton Seekh Kebabs has a unique taste and smell unlike any other type of food. It is made from fresh minced meat, properly seasoned with finely selected spices and herbs, it goes great with tahini or hummus. It makes a special dish for special occasions
BD 1.360
Al Kabeer Paneer Cubes
BD 0.719
Al Kabeer Sweet Corn
BD 0.394
Al Kabeer Tender Chicken Breast
BD 2.069
Al Kabeer Torpedo Shrimps
BD 1.869
Al Kabeer Turkish Chk Kebab
BD 1.124
Al Kabeer Vegetable Nuggets
BD 0.767
Al Kabeer Zing Chicken Fillets are purely a whole piece of fresh chicken breast with breading from edge to edge. It is absolutely tender, delicious and the simplest way you can get an easy and elegant preparation of chicken. These are nutritious, high quality and healthy. These tasty chicken fillets are irresistible.
BD 4.699
Al Karamah 10 Puff Pastry
BD 0.730
Plain Pizza crust (13cm in diameter) made with fine ingredients and half baked. Very popular item delicious and crunchy. Most customers use it to make their own toping as they desire, the dough is ready to bake as soon as it is defrosted and made ready with toppings
BD 1.208
BD 0.772
♦ Spring Rolls Pastry is a high quality product that is made of the finest flour. Use: ♦ Spring Rolls Pastry is a delicious snack or a complementary dish that can be served in different variety of fillings e.g. mixed vegetables, or cheese or fried shrimps
BD 0.620
Al Karamah Springroll Small
BD 0.483