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Stainless Steel
BD 1.100 BD 0.900 18% Off
Vileda Rainbow 10+3
BD 0.990 BD 1.040
Scotch-Brite Kitchen Cleaning Kit +Free Apron
BD 2.115 BD 1.575 26% Off
Made in Turkey
BD 0.350 BD 0.315 10% Off
Made in Turkey
BD 0.315
Microfibre Comfort 1 pc
BD 1.325
BD 0.630
Glitzi For Dishes 2s
BD 0.755
Glitzi Crystal 9pc
BD 2.200
Glitzi Jumbo Bath 1pc
BD 0.605
Glitzi Jumbo Strong 1pc
BD 0.605
Rainbow Scourer 10's
BD 0.775
Pur Active Flexible 2+1
BD 0.765
Scourer Slalom Universal 2s
BD 1.130
Glitzi Plus 2pc
BD 0.720
Inox Spiral
BD 0.420
Scouring Pads Handy Trio 3pc
BD 0.685
Tip Top Sponge Scourer 3pcs
BD 0.605
Tip Top Sponge Scourer 5s
BD 0.865
Scotch-Brite Grill Scrubs have been specially designed to clean stubborn stains in the kitchen. A mineral-coated scrubber makes easy work of baked-on food and the design features three grades of non-woven nylon webbing for tough and robust cleaning, with a handle for ergonomic use. Ideal for grills and barbecues, this scourer is robust for heavy duty cleaning and scrubbing.
BD 1.360
Metallic Spiral with Hand Protect
BD 0.675