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1110064 - Innospire Deluxe
BD 72.990 BD 76.640
1112261 - Innospire Essence
BD 25.990 BD 27.290
1111453 - Innospire Mini
BD 72.990 BD 76.640
1083783 - Life Touch Large Mask
BD 3.400 BD 3.570
1083784 - Life Touch Medium Mask
BD 3.570
1083785 - Life Touch Small Mask
BD 3.570
"Avance Airfryer XL with Grill Pan Black 50Hz Best tasting food with 80% less fat, Patented Rapid Air Technology, Adjustable temperature control 60-200 degrees, 90-minute timer, integrated air filter, dishwasher safe parts, 2100W, 1.2 Kg (>30% more capacity), digital touch controls and presets, recipe booklet with >30 recipes, Airfryer App for more than 200+ recipes & tips. 3 pin plug, 2 years global guarantee"
BD 136.490
BD 11.990 BD 12.590
2 years global guarantee
BD 39.990 BD 41.990
BD 29.990 BD 31.490
139 cm (55") 4K Ultra HD LED TV Quad Core DVB-T/T2
BD 185.000 BD 178.490 4% Off
Active Carbon Filter - Air Accessory, Air Purifier, 2000 Series, NanoProtect AC Filter
BD 18.890
Comfort 2000 Series with AeraSense, an innovative technology with the accuracy and performance of a professional sensor. For 25-79m2 room size. It senses harmful particles smaller than even PM2.5, ensures the purifier adjusts for cleaner air output and provides real time feedback. The purifier automatically monitors, reacts & purifiers the air and the VitaShield naturally purifies UFP as small as 0.02microns and CADR : 344 m3/hr. 3 auto modes: General, Allergen, and Bacteria & Virus. Aerodynamic architecture boosts efficient airflow and Four-step color indicator shows quality of air. Healthy air lock and alert for filter replacement. Low noise at Sleep Mode (20.5dba) - soft as a whisper. Global Certification for quality assurance: AHAM (US), Ecarf (EU) and Airmid (US) Certified, 2 years global guarantee.
BD 178.490
Puma 3000 Series. Breath the difference with Vitashield IPS and Aerasense technology. Room size: up to 95m2, Removes UFP as small as 0.02um (more than 100 times smaller than PM2.5). Special Allergen mode. VitaShield IPS with aerodynamic design and extra-thick NanoProtect S3 Filter boosts clean air delivery to 393 m3/hr, which can be applied to rooms measuring up to 95 m2. Real-time PM2.5 feedback and 4-colour AQI light. Certified or tested by AHAM, ECARF and  Airmid. Sensor touch UI with big numerical display, 2 years global guarantee.
BD 251.990
Recharagable dental air floss, Simple one-button use, Microburst technology cleans at the touch of a button, Charging after two weeks, Slim, angled nozzle makes it easy to clean even the hard-to-reach areas, Slim, easy to hold handle, Removes up to 99% more plaque between teeth, 2-year limited warranty
BD 47.240
Airfloss Nozzle : Removes plaque where brushing can’t. For those who don’t floss consistently, AirFloss is an easy way to start cleaning between teeth. AirFloss can be used with mouthwash or water and features unique air and micro droplet technology to help remove plaque in hard to reach areas.
BD 6.290
Airfloss Ultra Nozzle : Designed for inconsistent flossers. AirFloss Pro nozzle is the easiest way to effectively clean between teeth.
BD 6.290
Double Layer Accessory for Viva Airfryers
BD 10.490
Double Layer Accessory for Avance Airfryers - Maximize Airfryer's cooking space with the double layer accessory. - Bake, grill or fry tasty burgers, chicken wings, fish and more in an easy, quick, healthy way. Cook flatter foods easily. - For more versatility, use the skewers to make vegetable or meat shaslicks.
BD 10.490
Muffin Cups for Viva Airfryers
BD 4.190
Non-stick Grill Pan for Viva Airfryers
BD 15.740
Non-stick Grill Pan for Avance Airfryers Excellent grilling results: • Pierced surface for ideal Rapid Air flow while grilling • Premium non-stick pan for easy food release • With a maximized surface you can even grill a whole fish • 20% faster cooking time* For more versatile Airfryer usage: • Also perfect for frying, browning and searing • Whether you prefer grilling meat, seafood or vegetables! Easier cleaning: • Airfryer Grill Pan cleans easily due to non-stick surface
BD 20.990
Baking Pan for Viva Airfryers You can make all your favorite baking recipes. Bake delicious cakes, bread, gratin, quiche and much more, in an easy, quick and healthy way!
BD 10.490
Variety Basket with QuickClean removable button Fast and Easy: • Non-stick bottom mesh with premium non-stick coating • QuickClean removable mesh with honecomb design • All parts of the variety basket are dishwasher safe For more versatile Airfryer usage: • Mulifunctional lid for more versatile recipes
BD 20.990
Healthier air, always Cleaner Nights, Energized Days Night sensing mode Room size: up to 63 m² Partical CADR: 270 m3/h VitaShield IPS
BD 104.990
Healthier Air, Always Double performance, double reassurance Room size: up to 169 m² AeraSense technology Removes 99.97% 0.3µm particles Removes 99.9% bacteria & H1N1*
BD 367.490