Personal Care for Men

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Men's 2In1 Shaver/Nose Trimmer/3W 1X24
BD 4.900
7 In 1 Rechargeable Grooming Kit 1x20
BD 8.700
AC Hair Clipper/Ceramic Blade 1x20
BD 4.500
Ear& Nose Trimmer
BD 3.900
Non Rechargeable Nose Trimmer
BD 2.000
BD 2.600
Recharg Shaver/Super Lift Cut Techn 1x80
BD 3.200
Rech.Trimmer/ 4 Level Cutting 1X24
BD 3.500
6 In 1 Rechargeable Trimmer 1X12
BD 9.950
Rech.Trimmer/One Trimming Guide/6W 1X24
BD 5.100
Rechargeable Trimmer/5Attachment/3W 1X24
BD 5.200
Rechargeable Men's Shaver/3W 1X24
BD 3.700
Rech Trimmer/S/S Prec Cutting Blade 1x20
BD 3.400
Rech Trimmer/S/S Prec Cutting Blade 1x20
BD 3.500
Clip-on Comb attachment, Lube, Cleaning Brush, Charging Stand with Indicator and Manual
BD 7.700
Professional Hair Clipper, Clip-on Comb attachment, Lube, Cleaning Brush, Charging Stand and Manual.
BD 4.700
Professional Hair Clipper, Clip-on Comb attachment, Lube, Cleaning Brush, Charger and Manual.
BD 4.800
Cleaning brush, Clip on Comb, Charging base and Instructional Manual
BD 4.500
The Men's Travel Shaver is a really handy compact travel shaver for men. It has a high-speed motor and a wide floating head making it really easy to handle and guaranteeing total precision. The Men's Travel Shaver will be the ultimate loyal travelling companion.
BD 10.000
3 in 1 Body groomer, groom hair everywhere with the new Panasonic body trimmer tool designed for hard to reach areas.You can enjoy gentle styling and grooming with a protective blade that shaves to 0.1mm,and with wet/dry features you can even groom without mess!
BD 26.990
Fine length adjustment easy at home grooming.
BD 16.990
4-Blade Electric Shaver, Wet/Dry Washable
BD 79.990
Panasonic Men's Shaver - ES3831
BD 6.990
Long-life motored hair clipper for professionals
BD 34.990
3-Way shaving trimmer. Three functions in a single unit for shaving trimming and designing
BD 35.990
Beard trimmer Series 3000, 0.5 mm - 10 mm with 0.5 mm steps, coated blades, 2K zoom wheel, metallic lacquer, 1 beard comb, 1h charging / 60 min use, charging status indication, window box (150x245x60mm), storage pouch, French Pack, 2 years global guarantee
BD 19.990
Male Body Groom, Best Performance that feels great, Integrated trim & Shave head for a close shave in one stroke, safe & less irritation, 3D Pivoting head, Rounded blades & Combs Prevent Scratching skin, Skin Protection Shaver blade Made of Hypo-allergenic materials, 5 integrated length settings up to 11mm, Wet & Dry, Rechargeable, 2-years global guarantee.
BD 34.990