Oil, Vinegar & Ghee

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BD 2.500 BD 2.365 5% Off
Contains 100% cholesterol free pure corn oil with a wide range of uses including cooking, baking & frying.
BD 1.180
Special blend of oil for ideal frying, providing great tasting foods, crispy outside and soft inside. High in protein it is ideal for helping to develop muscle tone and for muscle function.
BD 1.945
Mazola Sunflower Oil is the non volatile oil compressed from sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil which is very good for cooking tasty food.
BD 0.945
Mazola Sunflower Oil 1.8ltr
BD 2.050
Mazola Sunflower Oil 1.8 ltr 2 pk
BD 3.360
BD 2.200 BD 1.995 9% Off
BD 2.100 BD 2.095
Noor, IFFCO’s flagship brand, is the number one selling brand of sunflower oil in the Middle East. Noor was the first oil in the region that is trans fat-free as it is twice purified with zero cholesterol and is light.
BD 0.940
Noor Sunflower Oil is a light and healthy cooking oil with neutral taste and aroma. This heart and diabetes care oil is powered by the essential fat Omega-3.
BD 3.495
Noor Frylite Oil 2x1.8 ltr
BD 2.680
Parachute Coconut Oil
BD 2.190
Lesieur Canola Oil
BD 3.670