Brushes, Mop & Buckets

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BD 2.888


1 pc
BD 0.525
1 pc
BD 0.945
BD 1.785
1 pc.
BD 1.575
Floorwiper Classic 42cm Set (Head + Handle)
BD 2.404
Floor Wiper Standard With Handle 35cm
BD 2.079
Indoor Broom Standard With Handle
BD 2.100
Indoor Broom Eco With Handle
BD 1.606
Indoor Broom Bumper with Handle
BD 2.835
Outdoor Broom Standard with Handle
BD 2.856
Floor Wiper Classic With Handle 52cm
BD 2.814
Floor Wiper Easy Fix With Handle
BD 2.856
Flat Mop Classic Active Max With Handle
BD 8.788
Super Mop Bucket and Wringer
BD 4.830
Super Mop 3 Action Handle
BD 3.822