Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific, Inc. is an American company that designs and markets toys and consumer products, with a range of products that feature numerous children's toy licenses. The company is named after its founder, Jack Friedman, who had previously founded LJNand THQ and presided over the company until his death in May 2010.

Jakks' produces action figures, electronics, dolls, dress-up, role play, Halloween costumes, kids furniture, vehicles, plush, art activity kits, seasonal products, infant/preschool, construction toys, and pet toys sold under various proprietary brands including Jakks Pacific, Creative Designs International, Road Champions, Funnoodle, Go Fly a Kite, Jakks Pets, EyeClops, Plug It In & Play TV Games, Girl Gourmet, Kids Only!, Tollytots and Disguise. Jakks is a licensee of several hundred trademarks including DisneyStar Wars and Nintendo.

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Recreate all your favorite scenes from The Incredibles 2 with this Junior Supers Hydroliner Playset! Shoot projectiles, fold out the ice slide, use the rotating cooling chamber, trap door, watercraft launcher and the grabbing arm for Incredible action! Hydroliner Playset Includes: 1 Hydroliner, 1 Elastigirl Figure, 1 watercraft, 1 lifesaver and 2 projectiles. Meant for Junior Supers Figures Collect all the Junior Supers Toys from Jakks Pacific (Each Sold Separately). Recommended for Ages: 3+
BD 36.645
Junior Supers Tunneler Playset recreates the encounter between the Parr family and the Underminer Push forward for rotating drill, press button to shoot missile, extend the telescoping chair, launch the boiler! Includes: 1 Tunneler, 1 Missile , 1 Boiler, 1 Underminer figure, and 3 accessory pieces. For use with the Incredibles 2 Junior Supers Figures (Sold Separately). No batteries required. Intended for kids ages 3-7.
BD 21.945