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Hatchimals Fabula Forest Tigrette Asst.

25.7 x 14.9 x 20.3 cm
Brand: Hatchimals
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  • A brand new species of Hatchimals is here - it's Tigrette! Straight from Fabula Forest, Tigrette has super soft stripy fur and shiny metallic ears.
  • Tigrette is so excited to be your friend! Teach your Hachimal how to say your name, and it'll repeat it back to you! Tigrette will use it everyday as it plays
  • Tigerettes come with new games and music! Play Tune Tag, Musical Moves and Rhythm Repeat with your new Hachimal, unlocking different games at each stage!
  • Fabula Forest Hatchimals are for kids aged 5+. 2 x AA batteries included.
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