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Black & Decker 4 Liter Digital AerOfry, AF400-B5
BD 51.000
Black & Decker Health Grill Waffle Maker - Black, LGM70-B5
BD 25.200
Non-stick Grill Pan for Viva Airfryers
BD 14.990
Non-stick Grill Pan for Avance Airfryers Excellent grilling results: • Pierced surface for ideal Rapid Air flow while grilling • Premium non-stick pan for easy food release • With a maximized surface you can even grill a whole fish • 20% faster cooking time* For more versatile Airfryer usage: • Also perfect for frying, browning and searing • Whether you prefer grilling meat, seafood or vegetables! Easier cleaning: • Airfryer Grill Pan cleans easily due to non-stick surface
BD 19.990
Variety Basket with QuickClean removable button Fast and Easy: • Non-stick bottom mesh with premium non-stick coating • QuickClean removable mesh with honecomb design • All parts of the variety basket are dishwasher safe For more versatile Airfryer usage: • Mulifunctional lid for more versatile recipes
BD 19.990
Baking Pan for Viva Airfryers You can make all your favorite baking recipes. Bake delicious cakes, bread, gratin, quiche and much more, in an easy, quick and healthy way!
BD 9.990
Muffin Cups for Viva Airfryers
BD 3.990
Double Layer Accessory for Viva Airfryers
BD 9.990
Double Layer Accessory for Avance Airfryers - Maximize Airfryer's cooking space with the double layer accessory. - Bake, grill or fry tasty burgers, chicken wings, fish and more in an easy, quick, healthy way. Cook flatter foods easily. - For more versatility, use the skewers to make vegetable or meat shaslicks.
BD 9.990
BD 29.990
2 years global guarantee
BD 39.990
BD 21.300 BD 14.000 34% Off
BD 26.300 BD 16.000 39% Off
BD 14.380
BD 20.000
Optima Barbeque Grill - GR2100
BD 21.800 BD 17.500 20% Off
BD 12.100 BD 9.900 18% Off
Optima Manual Air Fryer - AF1200
BD 31.000 BD 17.500 44% Off
Optima Grill -GR0900
BD 7.000 BD 6.000 14% Off
Optima Grill - GR1400
BD 11.700 BD 9.500 19% Off
Optima Grill - GR1800
BD 19.000 BD 13.000 32% Off
Prestige Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 3L - PR-54916
BD 17.000
Prestige Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 4L - PR-54915
BD 22.500
Tefal Actifry + Snack Grid - GH8072
BD 102.950