First Aid

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Panadol Extra Red 48s Tablets
BD 1.690
Tiger Balm Red Ointment 10gm
BD 0.550
Tiger Balm White Ointment 10gm
BD 0.550
Vicks Vaporub 50gm
BD 0.800
Axe Brand Universal Oil is also known in some quarters as Axe Brand Medicated Oil. It is easy to recognize due to its highly unique logo that features an image of an arm holding an axe. It has been the choice of families and travelers around the globe for more than 70 years as a fast and effective balm to ease aches and pains and other conditions.
BD 0.275
Zandu Balm 9ml
BD 0.250
Radian Massage Cream 40gm
BD 0.750
Omega Painkiller Liniment 60ml
BD 1.050
Moov Rapid Relief Spray 150ml
BD 2.600
Moov Rapid Relief 50gm
BD 0.650
Sloan's Liniment 70ml
BD 0.850
Amrutanjan 8ml
BD 0.250
Axe Brand Universal Oil 56ml
BD 1.570
Gold Medal Medicated Oil 3ml
BD 0.250
Anti Itch Medicaeted Cream
BD 0.500