Soudal Fire Silicone B1 FR (White)

Fire Silicone B1 FR is a FIRE RATED, Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant.
Brand: Soudal
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Model: 207896072 (108998)
BD 2.100
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Fire Silicone B1 FR is Solvent Free and Virtually Odourless with Primerless adhesion on all common construction materials (i.e glass, plastics, masonry substrates, metals and wood). High movement capability. Resistant to UV, rain, ozone and many chemicals.

Fire Silicone B1 FR Conforms to all international standards including CE Marking.

Fire Silicone B1 FR Conforms to the DIN4102 B1 standard for fire retardancy and has a fire rating of up to 4 hours in certain joint configurations (EN 1366 Part 4 NN713.020 – BS 476/20).


  • Very easy to apply

  • Colourfast and UV Resistant

  • Remains permanently elastic after full cure

  • Very good adhesion on most surfaces

  • Weatherproof

  • EN13501-1 - Reaction to Fire, Class E

  • ETAG-026 - Part 1, Part 3

  • EN1366-4 - Fire Resistance, up to 4 Hours depending on joint configuration

  • Color : White
  • Use : Interior and Exterior
  • Volume : 310ml

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