Dettol Sensitive Anti- Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash 200ml

"• Kills 99.9% of germs including E.coli and flu virus • pH-balanced liquid hand wash • Smooth hand wash • Anti-Bacterial • Recommended by Doctors"
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Dettol Liquid Hand Wash

Dettol Sensitive Liquid Hand Wash Refill kills 99.9% of germs including E. coli and flu virus giving 10 times better protection against stomach bugs and skin infections. Using it every day protects hands from germs and helps keep them hygienically clean.
The pH-balanced formula along with Dettol's trusted germ protection helps your skin feeling healthy and fresh.

Hand washing is one of the most important steps you and your family can take to help you stay healthy. When you use Dettol hand wash products, you'll know you're helping your family by fostering proper and effective hand washing and preventing the spread of germs.

• Press Nozzle gently to get Dettol Liquid Hand Wash on wet hands
• Scrub thoroughly
• Avoid contact with eyes
• In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water 
• If swallowed/ingested seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label
• Use only as directed

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