Crisps, Nuts & Snacks

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Best Mixed Nuts Can 350g
BD 2.570
Best Salted Pistachios 150g
BD 1.970
Best Super Mix Nuts 300g
BD 3.420
Best Peanuts Party Cans 500g
BD 2.860
Al Rifai Snack Mix 200g
BD 1.580
Al Rifai Cashews Salted 220g
BD 3.650
Al Rifai Nuts Cocktail Mix 220g
BD 3.100
Al Rifai Snack Mix Nuts 500g
BD 3.720
Al Rifai Cashew Nuts 400g
BD 3.970
Al Rifai Mixed Nuts Assorted 200g
BD 1.220
Best Raw Almond In Bag 325g
BD 2.420
Best Raw Pista Kernal Bag 150g
BD 2.500
Best Raw Pista Kernel Bag 325g
BD 4.970
Best Super Cashew Nut Can 110g
BD 2.970
Best Mixed Nuts Bag 300g
BD 2.600
Al Rifai Asstd Mixed Nuts 500g
BD 2.480
Al Rifai Walnuts 300g
BD 3.680
Al Rifai Mixed Nuts & Kernels 220g
BD 3.920
Al Rifai Nuts Cocktail Mix Unsalted 200g
BD 1.960
Al Rifai Nuts Fruits & Nuts Mix 200g
BD 2.860
Al Rifai Nuts Peanut Keri Keri 200g
BD 1.050
Al Rifai Pistachios Roasted 220g
BD 3.650
Best Cashew Nuts Can 500g
BD 7.170
Al Rifai Cashews Salted 110g
BD 2.120
Popcorn Lite 3.5oz
BD 1.050
Aprrox 250gm 2 Layer with Mix of Dates (Plain & Stuffed)
BD 7.200
Approx 500gm 2 Layer with Mix of Dates (Plain & Stuffed)
BD 16.000