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A lawnmower that cuts right up to the edge.
BD 111.195
BD 134.295
A lawnmower that cuts right up to the edge.
BD 134.295
The easiest and most effortless way to achieve a perfect lawn.
BD 144.795
The user-friendly spraying system for wood paints
BD 42.945
The user-friendly ALLPaint spraying system for wall and wood paints
BD 48.195
The versatile spray system with maximum user-friendliness for all painting projects
BD 62.895
The most powerful and versatile spray system in its class
BD 104.895
Quick, precise and efficient
BD 38.745
Extremely high surface quality on large surfaces
BD 30.975
Save energy and have a healthier home
BD 69.195
Easy to operate due to red functional elements for quick fixing of the tool and for fine adjustment of the height
BD 15.645
The new Bosch work bench – flexible and safe working thanks to innovative fold-up design!
BD 78.645
7 1/4" Circular saw machine
BD 52.395
BOSCH 9 Inches Circular Saw
BD 83.895
BOSCH Chop Saw GCO 240
BD 89.145
Rotary Hammer, 20 mm, BOSCH GBH 2-20 RE
BD 68.145
Cordless Hammer Drill 18 V lithium ion
BD 83.895
Cordless Drill 18 V Lithium Ion
BD 68.145
Cordless Screw Driver 3.6 V
BD 22.995
4 Inches grinder 4" - 100 mm
BD 31.395
Angle grinder 4.5 inches 750 W
BD 32.445
4.5 Inches grinder 900 W
BD 34.755
Line Laser Level 3 axes 360 degrees
BD 261.450
50 pcs drill and screw bits set
BD 13.545
BOSCH drill and screw bits set 33 pcs
BD 5.460
BOSCH Flat bit set for wood 4 pcs
BD 4.515
BOSCH Drill Bit set for masonry 3 pcs
BD 1.260
BOSCH Masonry bits set 5 pcs
BD 2.310