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Line Laser Level
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DIY Product

BOSCH Quigo Cross Line Laser

The Bosch Quigo is a handy, self-levelling cross line laser that enables DIYers to make their creative ideas a reality. The tool is ready to operate as soon as the protective cover has been slid open, projecting a laser cross onto the wall that is 100% straight thanks to the self-levelling feature. The integrated incline function also gives you the means to project diagonal lines. This allows for quick and easy alignment of drilling positions or nails.

Key product features

Simultaneously projects a horizontal and vertical laser line

Automatic alignment – always 100% straight

Flexible positioning thanks to MM2 universal clamp which comes complete with the tool

Other product advantages

Perfect for quick, straight alignment of pictures, borders, wallpaper, tiles and objects

Comes complete with MM2 universal clamp and adapter plate, enabling versatile mounting of the tool

Super-easy handling

Practical gift tin as packaging

Adapter plate can be fixed on the top, bottom and back

The new height adjustment feature of the adapter plate enables you to easily and accurately adjust the laser line

Inclined lines can be used by tilting the tool

Technical key data

Accuracy: ± 0,8 mm/m

Tripod thread: 1/4"

Weight: 0,22 kg

Comes complete with

MM 2 (3 603 F92 200)

Quick-fitting adapter

2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA) batteries

Precise alignment without a spirit level

Whatever needs to be done, whether hanging pictures horizontally or mounting shelves cleanly on walls, the Quigo cross line laser from Bosch is a fast and precise tool for aligning objects accurately by projecting a 100% straight laser cross onto the wall. Simply open the cover and the horizontal and vertical laser lines will appear immediately. The tool is self-levelling, ensuring that the laser lines projected are always straight. The automatic levelling mode levels out irregularities of up to ±4° in the process. If it is not possible for the tool to carry out self-levelling on very tilted surfaces, the laser indicates this with a flashing laser cross. Modern laser technology provides a convenient solution where you used to have to laboriously fiddle with a spirit level and pencil:This compact cross line laser offers even less-experienced DIYers the capacity to work precisely, with straight lines and a right-angled laser cross.


Makes aligning accurately accurate

Simply tilting the tool enables you to align stair-rails or, for example, hang pictures parallel to a banister. The Quigo from Bosch delivers dependable results within a working range of 10 m. Various ways of mounting the tool give the DIYer complete flexibility. The MM2 universal mount that comes complete with the tool has a clamping foot and adjustment screw enabling it to be fixed to any object with a material thickness of between 1 cm and 6 cm, such as the backs of chairs, stepladders, cupboard doors or shelves.

Handy, fast and easy to operate

With a size of 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm and a weight of 270 g, the Quigo from Bosch is particularly handy and compact. Simply open the protective cover and the tool will immediately project two crossed laser lines onto the wall at an exact 90° angle. You can quickly and easily align drilling positions on this cross. The protective cover also functions as a transport lock: In the closed state, the pendulum with the internal laser diode is automatically locked in place. This Quigo comes complete with the MM2 universal mount which it is mounted onto using an adapter plate and which can then easily be mounted on various surfaces. Even on delicate surfaces the clamp does not leave any marks. The adapter plate can be fixed to the top, bottom and back of the tool and has a new fine adjustment feature, enabling easy and accurate adjustment of the laser line. In addition to being attached to the mount, the adapter plate can also be attached to standard tripods using its 1/4" thread.

Technical data

Laser diode: 635 nm

Laser class: 2

Self-levelling time: typ. 6 s

Levelling range: ± 4 °

Accuracy: ± 0,8 mm/m

Tripod thread: 1/4"

Weight: 0,22 kg

Battery: 2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA)

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