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Always Fresh Capers is an amazing food to add to pizza, pasta, salad to improve flavour.
BD 1.155
Petite peppers preserved in their own juice with garlic.
BD 1.405
Authentic Spanish manzanilla olives, perfectly balanced with a hint of salty anchovy.
BD 2.035
We love using these Morello cherries to make the perfect European style desserts and sauces. Add to a rosemary sauce and serve with baked duck breast or as the hero ingredient in a sour cherry tart for a decadent treat.
BD 2.200
Polish style cucumbers marinated with mustard seeds, dill seeds and dill weed. Firm and crisp with a traditional eastern European flavour.
BD 1.525
Firm, crisp and with the authentic contrast of both sweet and sour flavours, these cucumbers are a delicious snack straight from the jar.
BD 1.525
Made to a traditional recipe, these are a slightly softer cucumber with the authentic dill flavour. We love these added to European dishes or simply eaten straight from the jar!
BD 1.525
The peppers - fire roasted stripes (340 g) Oilives, Mustard & Pickle is manufactured by Always Fresh
BD 1.570
We love these crunchy baby cucumbers served with pate, rillettes and other charcuterie.
BD 1.315
Sundried tomato strips specially preserved in a traditional marinade.
BD 4.570
Authentic artichoke hearts from Spain, picked at their peak and lightly marinated for perfect flavour and texture.
BD 1.990
Sliced char grilled eggplant with a herb marinade to bring a rich and wonderful Mediterranean flavour to an array of dishes.
BD 2.365