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Air Wick Air Freshener Aerosol Rose 300ml

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BHD 1.190
• Acts in seconds • Air Wick removes tough odors and leaves a light, clean fragrance • Scent lasts up to one hour

Removes Bad Odors Air Wick aerosols don't just cover up bad smells. They actually remove tough odors while leaving a clean fragrance in your home. Refreshes Every Room in Your Home Air Wick aerosols offer a quick and convenient way to refresh any room in your home. Spray the mist in the bathroom and kitchen, near pet beds, or in storage closets--anywhere that needs a burst of fragrance. The fine mist instantly helps eliminate unpleasant odors and freshen the air so your home feels inviting. About Air Wick Developed in 1943, Air Wick was one of the first odor eliminators and left homes smelling clean and fresh. Today, Air Wick products are available in a variety of formats and fragrances, from robust automatic sprays to indulgent candles, so you can ensure your home always smells fresh and inviting and creates just the right atmosphere to enhance your mood • Extremely flammable • Do not breathe spray • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice • Read and follow the precautions for use on the product. • Use only as directed