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Nassau Rave protective eyewear features a distinctive unisex design with adjustable lens angles and temple lengths. Minimizes fogging with vertically vented browgard. Its wraparound lens helps provide front and side protection.
BD 3.066
Repels liquids and blocks stains Strong protection pushes stains away from fabric fibers so stains release easily Won't change the look, feel or breathability of fabrics Safe to use on delicate and dry clean only fabrics such as silks and wools
BD 3.530
Fabric and upholstery cleaner for curtains, furniture and household fabrics Deep foaming action for tough stains Protects against future staining Aerosol can for easy application
BD 3.555
Deep foaming action with Scotchgard Anti Stain protection. Powerful cleaning action penetrates oil, dirt, mud and more. Helps block future stains for easier cleanup. Ideal for use on rugs, slip covers, curtains, throw pillows, bedding, sofas, table linen, crafts, luggage, auto upholstery and more. Ideal for use on most washable carpets and fabrics that are approved by the manufacturer for water-based cleaning/protection products. Cleans and protects in one easy application. Not intended for use on silk, wool, velvet, leather, faux-suede or dry-clean-only fabrics
BD 3.530
Carpets Aerosol
BD 3.720
Enhances fuel economy, acceleration & performance
BD 4.900 BD 3.600 27% Off
Stainless Steel Metalic Spiral Scourer
BD 9.495
Stainless Steel Spirals
BD 0.655
Metallic Spiral with Hand Protect
BD 0.675